NYC-based site MWE3 really likes us! Read review and interview here: http://www.mwe3.com/reviews/LittleGreen2012/

Little Green is nominated for best Swedish Americana/Rock-album in The Rootsy Awards! Find out more and vote here: http://www.rootsy.nu/artikel.php?id=225

We proudly present the new video for our song "Meet me on the corner"! Hope you like it and please share!

We proudly present the new video for our song "Time till Monday"! Hope you like it and please share!

Little Green have some 40 demos ready for our next album! Time to dig in!

Little Green had a great summer that ended with a weeklong tour with Ted Russell Kamp in August. Looking forward to supporting awesome Austin-band Deadman at SS/Marieholm oct 6! Good times!

We welcome our new booking-agent Anders at http://kulturgarningar.se/ onboard the Little Green train!

Day of release! New album available today!

The two releaseshows in Stockholm on april 9 went like a charm! Read all about it at http://obladoo.se/blog/2011/04/11/little-green-live-x2/

First review of our new album just in. 9/10 at http://www.countrywood.se/ WOW!!! Also at the site an interview (in swedish) with Thomas Pontén.

Music added to the site and new tour dates with Sarah MacDougall & Gordie Tentrees (CAN) and Annie Keating (US)

www.littlegreen.se up and running!
Still some music, pics & links to post but our bio by renowned musicjournalist Anders Lundqvist is here as well as some other goodies!

Two releaseparties to celebrate our new album!
First one on april 9 at new rocking venue Skål in Stockholm. Rumour has it that fiddleplayer extraordinaire David Odlöw will sit in! On april 23 we throw another party at Showdown. Prominent guest from our album of course but also to help us with the rocking we share the night with Citizen K and Gugges Enmanna!

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