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Critical Acclaim and Reviews

MWE3 - MusicWeb Express 3000 (US)

"While listening to Little Green, one can’t help but admire just how skillfully this Swedish band have adapted and assimilated a musical style kindred to the best 1970s folk-rock bands from both the U.S. and the U.K."

"On Innocent Again, Little Green not only write memorable songs but they have the chops to back it all up."

"There’s a host of superb rootsy pop sounds and infectious vocal harmonies in play on Little Green’s wonderful Innocent Again album."
- Robert Silverstein (SE)

"Little Green, the band that deserve to be wellknown, adored, in the playlist for every radiochannel  and guests in every tv-sofa... The sky´s the limit for Little Green!"
- Rune Häger

Lira (SE)

"One of Sweden´s best americana-bands"
- Patrik Lindgren

Village Records (US)

"Hailing from the alt-country hot bed of Gothenburg, Sweden, this new recording is one of the best we’ve heard in years. In the case of this album location means nothing as far as genres go. Their understanding and approach is brilliant. Solid songs and great musicianship are the order of the day. At times you’d swear this album came from the West Coast in the early seventies. Very refreshing. Kimmie Rhodes and Ted Russell Kamp guest. Don’t let this one pass you by."
- Bill Lavery

Borås tidning (SE)

"Little Green can without a doubt be placed alongside Americana-greats like The Jayhawks, Son Volt and the newly hyped The Decemberists"
-Håkan Persson

SCC-nytt (SE)

"Really impressive... could this be the swedish countryalbum of the year?"
- Marcus Thell

Country music people (UK)

"They sound very good!"
- Spencer Leigh

Suite 101 (DE)

"These four guys are a phenomenon!"
- Lüder Kriete

Rocktimes (DE)

"With Innocent Again Little Green has given us a direct hit, that goes straight in, and stay there for a very long time."
- Markus Kerren

Bluesmagazine (DE)

Little Green is a group from Sweden and they´re currently just one of the most interesting groups on the Americana scene, and I think that's quite special. This album is their third and by far the best. Country, Folk, Southern Rock together hand in hand, and it all blends into something very beautiful, I have to share with you all. Two beautiful duets with Keith Miles and Lisa Pedersen. Furthermore, we also hear Ted Russell Kamp on background vocals, and it all sounds beautiful.
- Frank van Engelen

Musik An Sich (DE)

"Like a cross between The Eagles, Poco & Tom Petty with enhanced country influences."
- Ingo Andruschkewitsch

Arbetarbladet (SE)

"The quality of songwriting as well as performance is high. Seamlessly it moves through the more rural american music landscape. It is country music, pop and rock. One moment is reminiscent of Byrd's ringing guitars, next to Lynyrd Skynyrd Southern rock or the Jayhawks alt-country music. Sure, sprawling a bit, but at the same time guarantees a varied album that lasts."
- Ralph Bretzer

Countrywood (SE)

"Little Green´s masterpiece... with such a high quality from start to finish, I do not understand how the band should be able to achieve something as magnificent a second time around in it's career..."
- Robert Ryttman

Nöjesmagasinet (SE)

"This is a very impressive album!"
- Stefan Nilsson

Om Country (SE)

"My view is that this band stand firmly on three legs. The first and most obvious is 70's country rock, as expressed by groups like Eagles and Poco. For instance, 'Time 'Til Monday' could be be a leftover track from the Eagles debut in 1972, but it's Swedish and recorded in Gothenburg in 2010. The second, less obvious, and definitely not politically correct, is that I hear a lot of things I like about today's best mainstream country music; The easy flowing melodies of life-like poetry, as in 'For A While'. The third is that there is indeed a good dose of traditional country music, albeit filtered through a network of Americana. Best song of this kind is the title song, a beautiful duet with Kimmie Rhodes."
- Jonas Öhman

Maverick Magazine (UK)

"The album hints at Little Green's early folk-bluegrass influences, although the quartet's main strength lies in the beautiful harmony vocals of the two founding members Andreas Johannesson and Thomas Pontén."
- Arthur Wood

Muziekvenster (DE)

"This band has a very unique sound, by a wide range of musical influences, with simple but really effective vocal harmonies."
- Gerrit Vermeij

Ctrl Alt Country (NL)

"The best kind of Real Americana!"
- Benny Metten

Keys & Chords (NL)

"'Innocent Again' is Little Green's 3rd album and yes, it's an excellent piece of work. These guys are really great at doing genuine, real Americana, despite being from Gothenburg, Sweden, these eleven original songs certainly confirms this.
- Ivan van Belleghem

Rootstime (BE)

“True Americana and country music - not from Nashville but originating from Scandinavia - is presented by the quartet Little Green from Gothenburg, Sweden, on their most recent album ‘Innocent Again’. These four guys are getting support from Kimmie Rhodes, Ted Russell Kamp, Lisa Pedersen and Keith Miles, all renowned names within the world of this music style. The final result is a beautifully crafted record that can become a classic on its own.”
- Valére Samperman

Inside Recordings (US)

"All sorts of wonders leap out of this record. The quality of the songs, the arrangements, the great pedal steel (go, Daniel Melander!), Keith Miles’ vocals (I had to get up from my reverie and see who was singing on 'I Can Talk Again' {what a great song!}, and it turned out to be Keith!), the wonderful title song, the false ending on 'The Band Played On'… The list goes on and on. A really great record!"
- Greg Copeland

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